Introduction to Document Control

This one day ‘In Class’ course serves as an Introduction to Document Control best practice processes.

It is designed to provide businesses with an overview of what Document Control is and what they should be looking at in their business.

Also, for those thinking about a career in Document Control, this 1 day course will give you a great insight into this profession.

It provides an overview on some of the most important aspects of Document Contol:

* Document and Discipline Types and Status Codes
* Cancelling, Superseding and Deleting Documentation
* Controlled v Uncontrolled Documents
* Document and Drawing Numbering and Revisions
* Review and Approval procesess.

You will undertake some activities during the day as well as hearing life experience stories from an experienced Document Control Specialist.

At the end of the day you will recieve a Certificate of Attendance. To be able to work as a Document Control you would need to attend our “The Fundamentals of Document Control’ course.

We do offer a $100 cash back to anyone that completes this course and then goes on to complete The Fundamentals of Document Control course.


Cost: $450 (inc GST)

Contact us on 0409 087 632 with any other questions.