Introduction to Vendor Document Control

This one day ‘In Class’ course serves as an Introduction to Vendor Document Control best practice processes.

Vendor Document Control manages all documentation received from Vendors who are external parties to the project office.  These Vendors have generally been awarded a Purchase Order or a Contract for a project.  The Vendor also needs to understand how Vendor Document Control works so they can complete contractual obligations with their clients.

This course is designed to provide businesses with an overview of what Vendor Document Control is and what they should be looking at in their business and to assist them in delivering documentation to clients.

For those already working in Document Control, this 1 day course will give you an idea as to what Vendor Document Control is.  Most project work will require  Vendor Document Control experience.  By doing this course you will be able to ‘talk the talk’ at an interview.  It is then suggested that you undertake the Advanced Document Control course with us to learn the finer details if you find Vendor Document Control is a path you’d like to go down.

We do offer a $100 cash back to anyone that completes this course and then goes on to complete the Advanced Document Control course.


Cost: $450 (inc GST)

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