Advanced Document Control

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The Advanced Document Control professional development course was previously delivered as the Certificate IV in Document Control.  It is designed for individuals who are already working as a Document Controller.

Previous Document Control experience is required.

Do you want to be a Senior or a Lead Document Controller? With the actual knowledge… not just the ‘years of working as a Document Controller’.  You can be a Document Controller for 15 years and still not have the skills and knowledge of a Senior Document Controller.

It will provide the student with high level skills and knowledge of Document Control current Industry best-practice processes.   For those wanting to start the journey to Document Control Management, or even just a higher level of Document Control, this is the course you need to do.

The course is delivered as a clustered course incorporating 3 sections:

* Develop and Maintain a Document Control System;
* Develop Procedures and Reporting Processes for Document Control;
* Define and Process Vendor, Design (Engineering), and Corporate Document Control.

Key areas of learning will include:
* Developing and maintaining a Document Control system
* Developing procedures
* Reporting practices
* Auditing
* Vendor, Design (Engineering), and Corporate Document Control processes
* Expediting
* Handover and Closeout of projects
* Training – systems and people

The course is online and can be completed over 6 months.

Teaching and Learning Processes

The course will consist of online activities, the use of Document Control software in a simulated environment, and projects including research.


Cost: $TBA

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