How does e-Learning work here?

You have an Assessor – but not a Trainer.

The Assessor will determine if you meet the criteria required for activities/assessments that are completed and submitted.

Activities/assessments are all submitted and marked via the Learning Management System (LMS) provided. Once the course has commenced all communication is also through the LMS.

The courses are 100% online, with no physical or video interaction with the Assessor or other students. No actual training manual/material is provided. All material is found online by accessing the course. Once the course is completed, student access to the LMS shall be removed.

The time-frame used for our course enrolments may change at any time – including extensions and fees. The current time-frame applies to all students – current and future.

Current courses available on line here:

The Fundamentals of Document Control

Advanced Document Control

Time Management